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What We Do
Bespoke Software Solutions

We design, write, implement and support bespoke web, desktop or mobile applications. Typically these are custom operational systems to streamline workflow, ordering, document management, logistics, etc.

We work directly with clients and can do everything or work with in-house staff and external IT suppliers.

Bespoke Web Application
1BizApp Software Solutions

If delivery time or cost are significant factors it may be possible to supply and customize our own 1BizApp desktop application to meet specific needs.

Bespoke Web Application

Our 1BizApp system already has Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, Projects/Jobs and Document Management so may have the majority of required features already. Because we built this application from scratch, we can modify any part of it to meet most customers' requirements.

Bespoke Web Application
Company Parterships

We also partnership with other IT companies to provide bespoke software for their clients.

This enables them to offer the option of supplying bespoke software without the need for any full time staff and expertise or as extra resources to help if needed.

About Us

We have over 35 years of experience designing, writing and implementing database, web and desktop software and systems.

All our development is based in the UK using highly experienced staff with an excellent retention record ensuring we keep a high level of knowledge about your company throughout the project and beyond.

We believe there should be a partnership between companies and their computer systems that benefits everyone. The aim of automation and the use of computers is to reduce risk, increase efficiency and productivity without introducing unnecessary complexity. Companies shouldn’t have to drastically change the way they work to ‘fit’ a specific computer system. Find out how we have adapted our business software solution to meet the specific needs of our clients.

How We Work

We use the latest technologies. We use an online platform to share progress, releases and source code with our clients for maximum collaboration and transparency.

Release Pipelines

Where possible we like to use an Agile approach to development where a minimal viable product is initially delivered which then evolves over a number of iterative releases.

Every line of code is reviewed by a senior developer with a minimum of 10 years of experience before it is released.

Our Clients

We have worked with companies of all sizes.

We have worked for some of the biggest global investment banks in the world such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays, HSBC and Deutsche Bank. we have developed global applications used by thousands of users across the whole globe.

We have also designed developed, implemented and supported systems for small local companies. For over twenty years we have supplied the bespoke operational logistical system for Tapper Funeral Service. Over this time, they have grown to nine branches, a woodland burial site and now cremation facilities. We have supported and worked together with them throughout, keeping the system up to date and adding additional functionality when needed to make sure they are always operating with maximum efficiency and minimal risk of mistakes, this is critical when complicated arrangements often need to happen quickly.

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